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FAQs New Portal

We have launched a new platform in order to deliver an improved service for you and your customers when choosing HSBC. This is a broker-centric platform that will transform our mortgage journey by streamlining processes and digitising the journey, reducing time to offer, and delivering an improved broker and customer experience.

The new platform will bring a raft of benefits for you and your customers. Some specific broker benefits include:

  • A significant shift to online case management
  • Automated real-time SMS / Email updates, keeping you up to speed with your case progress supported by enhanced case messaging features
  • Online document upload, with targeted evidential documents listed following case submission
  • Instant Decision in Principle, including reasons why the application has been referred or declined (where applicable)
  • Deputy / Admin access rights allowing you to assign responsibilities to other members of your team to support with case management

Other new features our new platform will offer includes:

  • ESIS and Electronic offers, delivering a quicker and streamlined customer experience which reduces the time to offer. (Please note, an option for a paper based offer will still be available should a customer wish to receive one. You will need to contact the BSO helpdesk following application submission to specifically request this).
  • Valuations instructed automatically at application submission, with interactive AVMs for eligible re-mortgage cases being used at point of sale
  • A newly defined conveyancer journey (with an updated panel) that only returns conveyancers that are eligible to act on the customer’s case
  • Integrated fee payment at point of sale (including booking and valuation fees) so the customer doesn’t need to contact us

Applications for Additional Lending, Porting and Switching will continue to be unavailable through the intermediary channel at the time of launch. We will be enhancing our journey continually and expect this functionality to be available in due course. We will communicate this to you as soon as this takes place. In the meantime, where our intermediary proposition does not meet your applicants’ requirements please do direct them to our HSBC branches, telephone contact centres or online.

We will continue to offer foreign currency loans, but they will not be available through our new platform at launch. If you have foreign currency applications, please continue to process these through our existing portal. We are working on building these applications into our new platform as part of our next platform release expected H1 2018.

If the applicant passes eIDVA then you may not need to submit evidential documents to provide proof of identity and address. In scenarios where we require proof of identity and address we will request these alongside other evidential documents at point of submissions.

Yes, the applicant needs to be a resident in the UK. The exception to this policy is where the applicant is a current member of the UK Armed Forces (including Gurkhas) who is temporarily based overseas. In this scenario they will be deemed as residing in the UK

Applicants will be sent a password by SMS to access their offer documents that they will receive via email.

Please contact our helpdesk on 0345 600 5847 following application submission to request a paper copy be sent to the applicant. Please note, a paper copy of the offer documents will not be sent automatically, you must request this.

  1. As soon as you have been registered on our new platform, all future applications should be submitted through the new platform (with the exception of foreign currency applications).
  2. Once you have been notified that you have been provided access to our new platform, applications will not be accepted on our existing portal.
  3. Following application submission, you will have a 6-week period to get all of your cases to approval. If this is not completed, a resubmission onto the new platform may be required.
  4. Please note that foreign currency loan cases should still be put through existing portal until further notice.
  1. We will communicate the exact date in due course, but we expect this to be sometime in 2018.
  2. Can I still log into the old portal?
    1. Yes, you will be able to log into our existing portal to submit and manage your existing cases as per the above instruction but these will need to be approved within 6 weeks of your onboarding date.
    2. You will also be able to log into the existing portal in order to submit foreign currency applications.

We continually revisit our proposition to identify potential improvements for our brokers and applicants. We are working on enhancements for future iterations of the platform that will be communicated as and when they are agreed. This includes improvements such as; existing customers (porting, further lending, rate switch) as well as foreign currency applications.

You will receive an email with your firm's go live date. We are expecting onboarding of firms to being in Q4 2017.

  1. What details do I need to register? You will be automatically registered if your firm has an existing relationship with us. You will receive an email prior to launch confirming everything you need to know in order to complete registration. Please note you will need to know your National Insurance number in order to be successfully registered and activated on our new platform.
  2. When will I receive my registration details? On your firms launch date you will receive an email with your bespoke registration details. Please do not forward this on as it contains your personal profile details
  3. Who do I contact if I have any issues? Please contact our broker helpdesk on 0345 600 5847 or your BDM
  4. How long does the registration process take? If your firm already has an existing relationship with us, it should take just a few minutes. You’ll need to confirm your office details, notification preferences and any deputies / admins you want to set up when you logon for the first time

Yes, customers can use their own solicitor to act for them on purchase cases. If the solicitor meets HSBC’s requirements then the firm can also act for HSBC. If the solicitor does not meet HSBC’s requirements then they can still act for the customer under separate representation, with HSBC appointing its own solicitor. There will be additional charges for the customer for separate representation cases. The new platform will allow you to enter your customer’s chosen solicitor’s details and will inform you if the firm can act for the bank.

HSBC re-mortgage products come with ‘fees-assisted legals’. This means that basic re-mortgage conveyancing is completed by our fees-assisted panel of conveyancers whereby the basic cost is covered by HSBC (provided the re-mortgage case is in accordance with HSBC terms and conditions), additional fees may apply if there is more complex legal work attached, i.e. shared ownership or transfer of title . The customer will be allocated a firm from this panel.

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