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FAQs New Platform

We have launched a new platform in order to deliver an improved service for you and your applicants when choosing HSBC. This is a broker-centric platform that will transform our mortgage journey by streamlining processes and digitising the journey, reducing time to offer, and delivering an improved broker and applicant experience.

The new platform will bring a raft of benefits for you and your applicants. Some specific broker benefits include:

  • A significant shift to online case management
  • Automated real-time SMS / Email updates, keeping you up to speed with your case progress supported by enhanced case messaging features
  • Online document upload, with targeted evidential documents listed following case submission
  • Instant Decision in Principle, including reasons why the application has been referred or declined (where applicable)
  • Deputy / Admin access rights allowing you to assign responsibilities to other members of your team to support with case management

Other new features our new platform will offer includes:

  • ESIS and Electronic Offers, delivering a quicker and streamlined applicant experience which reduces the time to offer. (Please note, an option for a paper based offer will still be available should an applicant wish to receive one)
  • Valuations instructed automatically at application submission, with interactive AVMs for eligible re-mortgage cases being used at point of sale
  • A newly defined conveyancer journey (with an updated panel) that only returns conveyancers that are eligible to act on the applicant's case

We offer foreign currency loan applications via the Broker portal.

If the applicant passes electronic IDVA then you may not need to submit evidential documents to provide proof of identity and address. In scenarios where we require proof of identity and address we will request these alongside other evidential documents at point of submissions.

No, the applicant does not need to be a resident in the UK. If the applicant is resident in an EEA country where GBP is not the main currency, or is an applicant who resides in non EEA country but earns income in a foreign currency, these are eligible for a foreign currency loans.

Applicants will be sent a password by SMS to access their offer documents that will be distributed via email.

If you do not provide the applicant's email address and mobile number then we cannot process an electronic offer and a paper copy will be issued instead.

You will be able to access any pipeline cases on the legacy portal still being processed to completion, however all new applications should now be submitted via the new broker platform.

We will communicate the exact date in due course.

We continually revisit our proposition to identify potential improvements for our brokers and applicants. We are working on enhancements for future iterations of the platform that will be communicated as and when they are agreed. This includes improvements such as foreign currency applications.

If you are unable to upload all your applicant's evidential documents in one upload, there is still the ability to upload additional documents at a later time via the web portal, or you can also call our helpdesk on 0345 600 5847 for further assistance.

If you need to amend any information after you've submitted the application, please fill out the Application Amendment Form located here. You will need to submit this on the new platform in the evidential document section. This will then be sent through to one of our team to make the relevant updates.

Yes, applicants can use their own solicitor to act for them on purchase cases. If the solicitor meets HSBC's requirements then the firm can also act for HSBC. If the solicitor does not meet HSBC's requirements then they can still act for the applicant under separate representation, with HSBC appointing its own solicitor. There will be additional charges for the applicant for separate representation cases. The new platform will allow you to enter your applicant's chosen solicitor's details and will inform you if the firm can act for the bank. Please click here for further information on HSBC requirements and charges.

HSBC re-mortgage products come with 'fees-assisted legals'. This means that basic re-mortgage conveyancing is completed by our fees-assisted panel of conveyancers whereby the basic cost is covered by HSBC (provided the re-mortgage case is in accordance with HSBC terms and conditions), additional fees may apply if there is more complex legal work attached, i.e. transfer of title . The applicant will be allocated a firm from this panel. Please click here for further information on HSBC requirements and charges.

  1. Can the same address be used to set-up different roles on the new platform?
    No, the same email cannot be used twice and can only be used for one role (broker, deputy or admin).
  2. What if I am a broker and I also need to register as a deputy?
    An additional email address would be needed if a broker also needs to register as a deputy.
  3. Does a deputy or admin need multiple addresses if they assist multiple brokers?
    No, a deputy and admin with one email address can be deputy and admin for multiple brokers.
  4. What are the different roles on the new platform?
    There are 3 possible roles on the new platform: broker, deputy and admin. Please note, a deputy can complete all tasks a broker can. An admin can complete all tasks apart from submitting/cancelling applications.
  5. If I move firm, can I use the same email address to re-register?
    No, an email address can only be registered once. If you choose to use a generic/personal email and then move firm you will not be able to use that address again.

HSBC offers free fee standard valuations. If your applicant opts for a Homebuyers of Building Survey they will need to arrange this independently. This can be sourced by contacting the Bank's valuation panel manager who is arranging the standard valuation or can be obtained independently using the services of an appropriately qualified surveyor. Details of independent surveyors who are qualified to undertake Homebuyer Reports or Building Surveys can obtained via the RICS website.

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