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Our latest service levels

Week commencing 11/10/2021

Please check the case tracking facility and the messages section on our broker portal and refer to the service levels below before contacting our broker support team for a case update.

Please ensure your cases are fully packaged prior to submission so we can process your customer's application to offer as quickly as possible.

New applications

Type Average number of days' assessment


Applications up to £1m paid in UK Sterling.

Underwriting assessment - Employed

6 w/d

Underwriting assessment - Self-employed

5 w/d


All Foreign income applications plus applications in UK Sterling between £1-3m.

Underwriting assessment - Employed

4 w/d

Underwriting assessment - Self-employed

4 w/d

Complex Credit

Applications £3m+ paid in UK Sterling and all system declines

Pre-underwriting assessment

4 w/d

Underwriting assessment

1 w/d

Residential applications in progress

Assessing supporting documents

3 w/d

Responding to Broker messages

6 w/d

Reviewing Application Amendment Forms

8 w/d

Broker Support Helpdesk

Answering your calls (average for October)

Call Answering Time

117 seconds

Packaging your cases

For employed customers, please upload the latest full month’s bank statement showing salary credit within the last 35 days.

For self-employed customers, please upload the latest three months’ worth of Business Bank Statements (or personal account statements if used for business purposes) of which the latest must be dated within 35 days of the application.

The Business Bank Statements must include the monthly summary sheet detailing the total credits and debits for the month.

We have also partnered with Experian to offer self-employed customers a quicker and easier method for sharing their business bank statements with us. Customers will need to provide their consent for Experian to have one-time access to their account(s) to share statement data with us for use in the underwriting assessment.

You can find information on the Open Banking process and packaging support here.

This website is for the use of FCA authorised mortgage intermediaries only.

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