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1. Do I need to notify you if I want to cancel a case?

For all application types you must inform us if you wish to cancel the case.

Many of our processes in the application journey are now automated, therefore the case may reach completion if you do not advise us that it should be cancelled.

Please call our Broker Support team on 0345 600 5847 (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm) if you wish to cancel a submitted application.

2. What proof of income do you need for self-employed customers?

Please refer to the Income from self-employment section of our residential lending criteria for details.

3. If the term extends beyond retirement age, how do you assess affordability?

An HSBC mortgage may extend beyond the intended retirement age of the main income earner if the applicant can clearly demonstrate they will be able to service the mortgage for its full term.

When assessing affordability, consideration is given to the period of time remaining until retirement - the nearer they are to retirement, the more robust their evidence of income needs to be.

We also consider the type of employment the customer is engaged and whether they're likely to able to continue working.

When assessing outgoings, we take into account the fact that expenditure may also decrease at retirement eg the costs associated with full time employment such as travel costs or costs associated with financial dependents.

In the case of interest only applications, the customer must also be able to demonstrate the ability to repay the capital at the end of the mortgage term.

Please refer to the Lending into retirement section of our residential lending criteria for details.

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