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High Value Mortgage Service

Introducing our new and improved High Value Mortgage Service (previously known as Large Loans).

A professional and personal service dedicated to loans over £1 million.

Loan to value

Type of LendingRepayment BasisLoan Size (LTV per cent)
Over £1m up to and including £2m**Over £2m up to and including £3mOver £3m
New MortgageCapital Repayment857570
Interest Only75*65*50
RemortgageCapital Repayment857570
Interest Only75*65*50
Additional borrowingCapital Repayment (including unencumbered properties and existing mortgage customers borrowing more)Standard857570
Debt Consolidation807570
Any element of existing Interest Only borrowing857570
Business Use (must be subject to manual underwriting assessment by Underwriting Services)757570
Interest Only60*60*50*
Combined Repayment Type – New Mortgage, Remortgage and Additional BorrowingPart Capital Repayment/Part Interest Only

Please note, the maximum LTV for the interest only part of the loan is restricted to the ‘Interest Only’ maximum banding in line with the borrowing amount
*Interest Only borrowing against an Ad hoc Capital Repayment Plan is capped at 50 per cent LTV. Any additional borrowing up to the LTV limits above must be structured as follows;
  • On a Capital Repayment basis OR
On an interest only basis provided the remainder has a separate acceptable Repayment Plan(s) other than 'Ad hoc Capital'.

**For Flats, on Capital Repayment or Part and Part lending, between 75% - 85% LTV, a £1m maximum loan amount will apply.


Our dedicated High Value Mortgage Service Team offer an enhanced proposition, with a straight forward three-step approach to ensure the application process runs smoothly.

1. Prior to submitting the application, contact our High Value Mortgage Service Team (details can be found below) to discuss the case.

2. During the call, we will complete a ‘Customer Assessment Form’ which will capture financial details and any other information that might assist the underwriter with assessing the case. The completed form will then be emailed to you to upload as part of application submission.

3. Once the application has been passed for assessment, if required, you will receive a telephone call from one of our underwriters to discuss the case in detail. This will ensure a lending decision can be made as soon as possible.

  • Enhanced Loan to value
  • 5.5x income (£100k and above)
  • Multiple income streams considered
  • Future rental income considered – evidenced via ARLA letter / Let to buy mortgage offer
  • Investment income used
  • Overseas customers (approved countries)
  • Non-GBP income accepted, including overseas self-employment and rental income
  • Limited Companies – share of net profit used for income. No minimum shareholding needed to include
  • LLP (200+ partners) – Letter from the Finance Director
  • One years’ self-employment can be accepted (2-year average applied)
  • Trust income included
  • Multiple repayment plans considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we ring-fence school fees / nursery costs?

No, these costs must be included in expenditure for the affordability assessment.

Do you accept Restricted Stock Units (RSU’s) / deferred bonuses?

At present, this is not a source of income that we can consider.

Do you accept sale of current property as a repayment plan?

No, however we do accept future savings / ad-hoc contributions as a repayment plan. We will assess the lending on a Capital Repayment basis to demonstrate affordability, and will allow ad-hoc capital as a repayment plan up to a maximum of 50% LTV. Any borrowing above the 50% LTV will require an additional repayment plan.

Do you accept future rental income on a Let to buy property?

Yes, if this is the customer’s current residential property, as long as they can provide an ARLA letter and a Buy to let mortgage offer.

Can I get an accurate affordability figure for foreign currency applications?

Yes, you will need to email the inbox and we will complete an internal affordability check for you.

Can we work on one years’ self-employed accounts?

Yes, we will take the latest years income and average this over the two year period. For example, if the customer has evidenced a profit of £100,000, we will be able to use £50,000 income in the affordability assessment.

Do you use Trust income?

Yes, subject to this being evidenced with 3 years’ Tax Returns, along with an explanation of how the Trust generates its income.

Can I use a combination of Interest Only repayment plans?

Yes, please see Repayment plan document for details.

Do you have a maximum acreage on properties?

We will consider lending on properties with land over 1 acre providing the property is not subject to any agricultural restrictions / ties, and the applicants undertake that the land is for personal use by them or a related person only, and will not be used for any agricultural or business purposes. The bank will be guided by the type of valuation received and any additional guidance from the valuer.


We have already helped a number of our brokers with their more complex cases and here’s some of the great things they had to say about HSBC UK’s new High Value Mortgage Service:

“I wanted to thank you again for your input, effort and work on this case. I am used to your industry leading methodology and service but in this particular case I am are aware of how you went above and beyond and without the deal would not have been offered.”

“I treat all clients the same but this particular client was referred by another client and the success is already leading to increased referrals so your input has benefitted our further business also. As you were so critical to the case I had given the client insight and so share his note below. I am truly grateful for your attention to detail, hard work and perseverance you input for my cases and clients. Thank you!”

“I wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to thank you for your recent help in agreeing a high net worth case. We had the call from the underwriter in the last hour to confirm it had been agreed."

"This process has been without doubt the most impressive with HSBC to date and more importantly, the most seamless process of all high value, complex cases we have done in the last 6 months. Having the opportunity to discuss the case pre-application when we discussed the high value proposition was hugely valuable, and from application to this stage has been fantastic. Even with the error we made on the application (keying solely instead of jointly) was easy to fix and simple, getting agreement has been seamless and overall the experience has given me huge confidence in HSBC’s ability to agree complex cases. You will certainly get more of them!”

"As advisers, we are also very quick to criticise and don’t often praise enough and to this I can only say what a breath of fresh air it is in dealing with Helen. She is clearly passionate about her work and never needs chasing. If she says she will do something, she will action and come back to you within the timescales she indicates. The test of any company is dealing with the problems and it is such a weight lifted when Helen picks up the gauntlet, as we know she will get the job done. She really is a credit to HSBC and one of the reasons HSBC large loans is often our first port of call.“

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